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About Ballyhaunis Beekeepers Association


Ballyhaunis Bee Keepers Association is a recently fully affiliated member of the Federation of Irish Bee Keepers Associations. Our aim is to promote the interests of the local beekeeping population for the benefit of all.  We also (inline with FIBKA policy) advocate the exclusive use of the native Irish black honeybee, which is particularly suited to the inclement weather we are sometimes subjected to here in County Mayo. The native Irish honeybee has proved to be very docile, with little movement on the comb, good laying pattern and above all is an excellent honey producer.  By advocating the use of only native Irish honeybees we will reduce the number of imported bees and all the associated problems that come with foreign bees and the risks importing of disease into the native Irish stock.
We are a relatively young club based in Ballyhaunis and meet on the second Friday of every month in Paddy Phillips pub at 20:00hrs.  One of our other aims is to educate as many people as possible about the benefits that can be derived from close integration with the honeybee.  The honeybee has given man many benefits not least of which include pollination of crops, flowers and trees, honey, beeswax, propolis and many other products..
Everyone is welcome to come along to any of our meetings and in particular anyone who keeps bees already or anyone who has an interest or desire to keep bees in the future.
Websites that may be of interest are as follows:
The Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations
Westport Beekeepers Association
Please check this web page on a regular basis as it will be considerably updated in the coming months.
For further information please do not hesitate to contact:
J T Smyth on 087 6434206.
Suggested reading materials
An Beachaire - The Irish Beekeeper
A Guide to Bees and Honey - Ted Hooper
A list of interesting articles is available here (The FIBKA website is an excellent source of material for beekeepers new and old).
Bee Swarms
If anyone has a swarm of bees that need to be removed please do contact either JT Smyth on 087 6434206.  Please note we can only assist with honey bees and not wasps, hornets or bumble bees.
Membership Fees
At the AGM it was decided to set this years membership fees as follows:
Full membership of the Ballyhaunis BeeKeepers Association including FIBKA membership (covers hive insurance and FIBKA association costs) €50.00
Associate Membership set at €12 per year