Ballyhaunis ABC

(Aid For Belarusian Children)
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Ballyhaunis A.B.C. is now in operation for seventeen years. Every year Ballyhaunis A.B.C. brings children from farms and orphanages in the South East of Belarus to Ballyhaunis for a months holiday.
The Chernobyl disaster took place on the 26th April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Plant in the Ukraine.  70% of the radiation fell on neighboring Belarus who was exposed to radiation ninety times greater than the radiation released by the Hiroshima bomb.  The holidays in Ireland provide respite to the Belarusian Children from the high levels of radiation to which they continue to be exposed.
Normally the group host ten or twelve children and the children come every year during the month of July.  Local families volunteer to host the children and their interpreter.  Each family host two boys or two girls for two weeks during July.  During their time here we take the children on outings.  We start looking for host families in March each year and put notices in the local newspapers and church news letter.
Our main annual fund raising events are the making and sale of St. Brigids’ crosses and a church gate collection.  The group also helps fund a hospice in Belarus for terminally ill children.  The hospice employs two nurses and a doctor.
CHAIRPERSON;                          Mary Murphy
SECRETARY ;                           Olive Lyons
TREASURER ;                           Frances Mulhern
Ballyhaunis A.B.C. wish to thank all who helped to make St. Brigid's crosses to raise funds to bring Belarussian children to Ireland during the summer.